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This is a Vote & Rewards Webshop, which give you a real posibility to make your server popular on the best MMO Toplists.
The Unique mode to let your player vote is awesome. That is the first time that Aion server owner will protected from fake votes.
That means, if the player doesn't real vote, he will be not rewarded. Just open the toplist URL,but never really vote and receive already the rewards is history.

Our way:


What does it mean;

The Big Issue


Does this verify that the vote has actually been cast on the site itself?
The issue is that with most voting setups, all you have to do is click on the link in order to get the reward.
I need to make sure that players are actually VOTING, and not just clicking the link, receiving the reward, and closing out the voting site windows.

There is no issue if you really need a vote system with real rewarding you will need to use our vote system because our system has already implemented just
such Toplists, which support the "Postback" function .

The Toplist and How it that works;

The Postback Function
Our goal is to make it easy and secure for your users to vote for and support your website and receive incentives such as credits. The system we have in place is quite simple and takes little programming knowledge to impliment.

The Basics
What happens is a user on your site is given a special voting link with their username or userid added to it.
When this user votes we then take this username/userid and send it back to your server as a POST to your specified script to process and credit the user for voting.
It is really that simple and you just need to enter URL to the script in your toplist user control panel, implement the example script found below, and you are ready to go.

In your Toplist User Controll Panel you will find in your settings, a field something like;
Callback Vote Check

In this fiel you will need to put exactly your Callback URL Link.
Example, if you need to setup your Callback link to our Toplist, the URL link will be shown something like this:

Callback Vote Check

Where, "/webshop/module/atps.php" is the given name of the folder you run the script

Example Voting Url

You can simply switch out the url in your existing voting code from us as found in your control panel

A code example can be find in our script, you need to change just your "toplist_userneme&Id

Setting up proper our vote script, will be automaticaly reward each valid vote, that means, automaticaly add "tolls" in to the Aion "account_data" database,
in the table "tols".

Also, the amount of your possible votes and cooldowns will be displayed in the Aion Vote & Reward Webshop script.